HOA/Condo Regime Management

BPS-Condos provide significant improvement in administration 
at an affordable fixed-rate monthly fee with plenty of benefits.

What we do

BPS-Condos is a full service certified HOA company. We provide community management services that support owners and their board, making your community better.

administrative services

We offer a full range of services representing the needs of your community and provide greater efficiency in a cost effective way. We work with condo boards to help run their properties and give residents the kind of lifestyle they desire. Let us help you save time and keep your association running smoothly.

customer service

We have a dedicated management team of customer service professionals who are committed to creating solutions on a regular basis. Increased communication and being able to react in a timely manner is the key. We use our expertise to maximize property value and the quality of life for everyone in your community.          

financial Management

We have the experience to handle the community finances and provide complete transparency on this matter. We work with all aspects of homeowner association including forward planning, budget forecasting and cash analysis.

maintenance and site management

Site management is an extremely important piece of the property support puzzle. We have procedures in place that clearly define how to respond to maintenance and any other emergency issues that may arise.


We brought our knowledge and experience to Quintana Roo and obtained local market peculiarities and legal aspects. With this market insight our clients are always receiving only top quality services. We communicate, we are concerned, we are doing our best.  

Scott Meadus, BPS-Condos Managing Partner

We have 33 years of combined experience in HOA and Property Management in North America and Mexico.

BPS-Condos HOA and Blossom Property Solutions Property Management Company embody a new approach and philosophy in the local industry putting clients’ needs first and providing transparent and efficient information about their property.

About us

Providing Reliable and Transparent Services

We are a team of professionals from around the world with a combined 33 years of experience in Property management, HOAs, Hospitality and Real Estate. In our team we have staff from Canada, United States, Mexico, Russia and Uruguay. With multiple languages spoken and many years of experience, this gives us a greater advantage over our competitors.

We are constantly on the leading edge of innovative technologies, using the best software available on the market. Professionally organized management based on North American standards helps us to provide top notch service for our clients.

First Class Service

North American Standards

Reliable and Transparent

Professional and certified

Combined Years of Experience

Condos Under Management


Customer Satisfaction

Hour Assistance

Administrative Services

Efficient Software

We have invested in property management software, which allows direct communication with the management team and makes it quicker and more efficient to communicate.

Aware of Owners Needs

We collect and address owners needs and concerns within the scope of the By-Laws, Policies, and Procedures.


Communication is the key therefore our response rate is our strength. We prepare notifications regarding upcoming general meetings updates and reports of jobs. All the owners are being informed on the daily basis.

Order and Assistance

We assist in future maintenance proposal and budgeting, keeping bills up to date, implement and maintain a preventative maintenance program.

Customer Service

Personal Administrator

We provide your community a personal administrator that will be working with your residential property, have the right training and qualifications to deal with the situations that inevitably arise.

Regular Communication

We set up a regular schedule of communication, such as monthly reports of jobs, monthly bank statements, financial reports, respond to requests in a timely manner and more.

Scheduled Assemblies

We hold 2 scheduled assemblies a year and have an ability to hold additional meetings if necessary.

24/7 Assistance

We have an emergency phone number that can be accessible 24/7 and able to answer routine questions quickly.

North American Standards
at Your Service

financial services

We manage our clients’ interests with care. Accuracy with community finances and your HOA budget can be a complicated and involved situation. Our management company will have the experience to handle the complications of community finances. We are able to do the following as part of your accounting services:

Manage bank accounts for the community

Collect Monthly Fee

Accurately estimate maintenance costs

Review monthly billing for community dues and assessments

Create monthly financial statements in a timely manner

Provide guidance for long-term funding for the HOA/CONDO REGIME

Maintenance and Site Management

Cost-effective Maintenance Solutions

When it comes to a scope of work we need to outsource we will get multiple quotes, negotiate the best price and monitor the work on your behalf. Our goal for you is to invest in saving your community money and provide you with cost-effective maintenance solutions.

Professional Crew

We have our own maintenance and cleaning crew and work with preferred vendors and providers.

Onsite management

Onsite management is extremely important. By neglecting to follow the rules of the association, home values run the chance of decreasing and the community in general could be viewed in a negative light. To combat this we, at BPS-CONDOS, are always familiar with the rules and by-laws.

More Benefits



Our main goal is to provide clients with 100% transparent financial and management process.

Right Limits

We have a limit to our manager’s portfolio size. We ensure manageable workload for your dedicated administrator.


We make sure the price you are quoted is all-inclusive and there are no any additional fees.


Every community has its own unique needs, we can tailor our services accordingly.



Our systems ensure that your records are uniformly kept and readily accessible year over year.

Following all Legalities

HOA laws are always changing and we are on top of that and know how to implement those changes quickly.

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Living in a managed community

The value of your home is affected by those surrounding it

HOA Provides Regulations for Healthy Community

A well-run association provides the proper framework for a great community living experience, establish rules and regulations that help prevent many issues before they arise. HOA also is community bonding and great way to make new friends and offer a great sense of community.

HOA Can Resolve Community Disputes

If there’s ever an issue resolving community conflicts, HOA can be an invaluable resource for resolving the problem. Whether it’s enforcing an existing rule or helping homeowners come to mutually agreed upon resolutions, your HOA can be an advocate for all homeowners living within the rules and regulations of the community.

HOA Helps Protect Your Property Values

The value of your home is affected by those surrounding it. When every homeowner helps keep up the appearance of their homes it helps protect everyone’s property values. HOAs enforce uniformity within their area of authority and prevent dragging down the value of the entire neighborhood.

HOA Gives You Access to the Better Amenities

Part of your HOA assessments or dues goes towards building and maintaining community amenities that are then shared equally among the association members. These amenities can vary and may include: clubhouse, gym, pools, garden areas, reception areas, BBQ areas, fontains, common sunbathing areas.

Supporting Developers and Builders: No Project Too Big Or Too Small

We work closely with developers and builders from the planning stages all the way through to the transition of  the homeowner.

When developing properties you need an experienced management company who knows how to prepare your budgets  and policies, but also a company that understands how to help create and sustain a vibrant healthy community, lifestyle, and brand.

BPS-Condos can provide full service for your clients and your project, protecting the investment. Whenever you are considering an HOA company we have a range of solutions in place and expertise from start to finish that allow for smooth transition by avoiding common pitfalls.

No matter where you are in the development process—pre-development, early-occupancy or transition to homeowner association control—BPS-Condos is here for you.

We ensure that the brand and lifestyle of the community you are developing is consistent with your vision for the community.

As your community management partner, we can leverage our vast association management experience to reduce your costs and eliminate potential issues that can occur post-occupancy.

Client Testimonials

“ Blossom the best that happened to us. We were getting nothing accomplished with our old HOA company. We asked Blossom and everything was delivered in a timely manner: water treatment, pool lights fixed, extra propane bottles, water meters fixed on roof. I recommend Blossom 1000%. Outstanding service and great communication as well.  Thank you Blossom.”


“ In 2020, the MSC of my property decided to hire BPS.  The change in the building was immediate.  It is well-run, attractive and appealing to renters and owners alike.  Previously it was not.  We get timely communication, financial records, and immediate assistance when needed.  The cleaning staff go above and beyond what we expect.  Our pool is clean and well-maintained as well as all the grounds and outside of the building.

I highly recommend the BPS team for property management or HOA management.”


“We work with Blossom regarding both – property management and condo regime. If you are looking for a professional, reliable company BPS is your first choice. As for an owner the most important for me is communication and financial transparency and this is what m getting with Blossom. They are answering every my question and fix every issue in a timely manner. Thank you for great job, guys!  ”


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a homeowners association?

An HOA is a Home Owners Assosiation set up as a non-profit organization by a developer or builder when a planned community is first established. Depending on your area, HOAs must follow the same laws that govern any corporation or non-profit. They are run by a board of directors that are voted in by owners in the community. These board members establish governing documents and By-Laws that act as the guide book for association members.

What are Bylaws?

Bylaws are the guidelines for the operation of the non-profit organization that is the homeowners association. These bylaws define the duties of the various members of the HOA Commitee, membership voting rights, required meetings, and other specific items that are necessary to run the homeowners association.

What are the benefits of working with a professional management company?

A professional management company, such as BPS-Condos, provides knowledge of the operations of the associations, the governing statutes, continuity in operations, accurate accounting, expertise in condominium and homeowner association management, and better negotiating power with vendors, contactors and insurance companies.

Who makes decisions on behalf of the Homeowners Association?

Decisions concerning homeowner association operations are made by the HOA Commitee, which is made up of volunteers who are elected by the community’s residents during the annual membership meeting. The Commitee appoints members and depending on the number of units or homes in the association will usually determine how extensive a role the Commitee takes. The Commitee may appoint a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer. Additionally, the Commitee may appoint other owners to serve on committees to assist with the operations. 

What is my role as a homeowner?

All homeowners should assume responsibility to protect property values and secure a lifestyle that all residents can enjoy. As a member of your association, your legal responsibilities to the community association include: complying with the governing documents, rules and regulations, architectural guidelines, policies and procedures, and paying the monthly assessment necessary to operate the community association. Should you wish to influence the direction of the association it is advisable that you volunteer to serve on the HOA Commitee.

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