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is a property management company you have been looking for in the Riviera Maya.  Our job is our passion. You can rely on us in every aspect regarding your property from taking care of it while you are away to greeting your guests.  


What we do 

Property Management

We offer a full range of property management services tailored to you as an investor or homeowner.
Our packages are designed to include the most common and essential services that owners, lessors and investors require. 


Home Owner Association

Our HOA Services provide significant improvement in management at an affordable fixed-rate monthly fee with plenty of benefits: streamlined costs, control over your financial data, increased communication, and a team of experienced professionals.


Vacation Rentals

Our vacation rental service will boost your revenue. We provide not only the best experience for your guests, but also advanced marketing of the property, financial reporting, dedicated team ready to offer around-the-clock service.


Get ready for your best holidays

Our team

Marina Isaeva

Marina Isaeva

Marketing and Public Relations

“We are lucky to be operating in rapidly growing area of Quintana Roo. It is both challenge and fun. In this day and age the market gives us an amazing opportunities to absorb the latest innovations and offer our clients best we can do for them. Our job is our passion, we are building relationship on the foundation of trust and understanding.”

Scott Meadus

Scott Meadus

Sales and Development

“Having more than 25 years experience in real estate in Canada and Mexico, I see more people are coming here looking for an investment, some for a new start, some for nice holidays. Our mission is to make it comfortable for all of them, taking care of all the needs regarding property management. My vision and goal is to offer North American standards to all our clients.”

Paola Perez

Paola Perez

Client Care and Sales

“Blossom is my proudest project and I’m lucky to be in it with such an amazing team! We are bringing here the standards the area has been waiting for, and more important: honesty and transparency. I look at our clients as our partners, not numbers. I want them to feel safe, happy and proud to be part of our Blossom family… let’s BLOOM together!!!”

Fernando Deurado

Fernando Deurado

Service and Quality Control

“I believe my strength is to put the best of me in everything I do. Knowing we created Blossom Property Solutions based on the principles of trust and partnership, I’m confident I will be reaching the very best version of myself.”

Generating revenue
taking care of your property

total years of experience

happy clients

percent revenue boost

best experience for your guests

Boost Your Revenue

In order to increase number of rentals we use multiple channels: platforms, direct bookings, Facebook and Instagram promotion, our own database of return clients.

Multiple Platforms

We list your property on all main rental platforms to market it in the best way. Quality pictures are done by professional photographer and complimentary for you.


Guest Professional Assistance

We provide guests with all necessary tourist information and assistance. We organize transfers and offer tours, provide the best private chefs and recommend hidden gems.

additional services


Translation Services

Don’t know Spanish? No worries. We are ready to help.


Car Care Program

If you have your car down in Mexico, we can take care of it while you are away.


Grocery Delivery

Just make a list and we will get groceries for you.


Baby Sitting

Professional bilingual nannies will look after your child.


Tours and Excursions

We offer tours and excursions to explore highlights of Riviera Maya


Cell Phone Program

Stay connected! We will help you to get and activate local sim card.  


From Our Clients

We are very fortunate to have excellent partnerships with many of our clients. And we’ve formed more than just working relationships with them, we have formed true friendships. Here’s what they’re saying about us.

“I 100% trust these guys. I have been working with them both in Canada and in Mexico. Never had any complaints about my apartments. I knowWhen signing contract rates will be defined in MXN pesosit can be a challenge to keep the quality of services in different countries, but heads up Blossom got it right. ”

Kelly McDonald

“Blossom has an incredible team! I love them! They help me to manage all my bills, take care of my apartment. And even if i need them for some extra services like translation or getting groceries, they are always there for me.”

Carol Andersen

“Me and my family hired Blossom Property Solutions for vacation rentals and they do great job. I am always able to see my incoming payments and how busy our apartment is. Communication is always easy. Their stuff is very responsible, all paperwork is on time.”

Alexandra Pryutts

“I use my property in Tulum only couple of times a year and every time i am coming back it feels like it is been taken care of like it is their own.”

Josef Novosad

north american standards at your service

Professionally organized management based on North American standards helps us to provide top notch service for our clients. Please let us know if you need more information or want to meet our manager in person to discuss the best plan for you. 

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